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Anastasiya Karant


Anastasiya serves as a paralegal for Fortis’ litigation team. She has several years of experience in both corporate and civil litigation. Anastasiya is professional, ethical and highly proficient in managing large caseloads, drafting legal documents and conducting legal research.

Before joining Fortis Law Partners, Anastasiya worked as a legal and case assistant at firms and companies in Florida and Colorado. In those roles, she assisted attorneys in all stages of litigation from onset through post-trial, including coordinating the discovery process and preparations for deposition; assembling motion paperwork and exhibits; managing filings of pleadings and briefings; creating trial notebooks; identifying and organizing exhibits; organizing witness schedules; maintaining trial calendars; and communicating effectively with opposing counsel and courtroom staff.


Practice Areas

  • Litigation


  • B.A. in Law and Society – York University, Toronto ON
  • Certificate in Public Administration and Law

Community activities and personal interests

Outside of work, Anastasiya enjoys camping and hiking with her husky, Maya.

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