Top 5 Steps to Take Before Obtaining a Cannabis License in a Newly Legal State

By Henry Baskerville With five states recently passing legislation allowing some form of marijuana sales, many hopeful cannabis dispensary operators will be throwing their hats into the ring. However, because cannabis is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug under the Federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA), each state will have its own maze of laws, regulations and oversight agencies for potential licensees to navigate. Fortis partner Henry Baskerville shares counsel

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Analyzing the Risks and Rewards of International Cannabis Markets

By Henry Baskerville With restrictions on the usage of CBD products loosening in Europe, Latin America and beyond, investor interest in international cannabis markets is heightening. However, as with all investments, risks that go hand in hand with the potential for big rewards. Add in the fact that there is an ongoing debate in and out of court between government entities like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European

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National Association of Cannabis Businesses Security Standards: A Lawyer’s Perspective on Why They’re More Important Than Ever

By Julie Herzog During the COVID-19 pandemic, most state governments declared medical cannabis an essential service, although only a handful did so for recreational cannabis. Now, as governments begin to allow more nonessential businesses to reopen, every business owner —cannabis or otherwise—faces the uphill battle of keeping their employees and customers safe. As planning and preparations ensue, cannabis companies are well-advised to carefully review the Security Standards released in late

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COVID-19 & The Cannabis Industry: Ten Industry Leaders Share How Their Companies are Dealing With The Crisis

Over the last several weeks, CBE Press LLC (CBE) has been conducting research to learn from industry leadership how the COVID-19 Crisis is effecting their businesses and to learn how they are making adjustments to weather the short term storm while positioning their companies for the long-term until a vaccine is available to protect lives worldwide. In addition to the survey CBE is currently fielding with our research partner, High

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Fortis Expertise Spans Many Leading Industries

We represent clients throughout their business life cycle—from formation to exit—and our extensive experience in a broad range of key practice areas allows us to best support and protect your business goals, regardless of whether you are looking to build, maintain, or sell your business.  Our lawyers work collaboratively across all industries and practice groups to ensure that clients receive the best possible advice and a comprehensive team approach, resulting

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4 Ways COVID-19 Will Change Cannabis and Insurance

One may not need to be able to read the cannabis leaves to divine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cannabis and insurance. Some good guesses from any insurance professional with their foot in the door of a dispensary, farm, lab, or distribution facility, might go along the lines of: Vaping will be tougher to insure, reinsurance will be harder to find, expect even more exclusions in policies, greater

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In fighting COVID-19, Colorado’s emergency rules affect medical cannabis differently than recreational

By Alyson Jaen During this ongoing response to the COVID-19 public health crisis, cannabis dispensaries nationwide are changing how they do business, and Colorado’s dispensaries are no different. On March 20th the Marijuana Enforcement Division (the “MED”) implemented emergency rules to help Colorado cannabis dispensaries meet high demand while limiting customer time in the stores. But those rules revealed an important difference in how medical cannabis and recreational cannabis are

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Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division and Excise & Licenses Closures

All aspects of our economy are currently feeling the fallout from the coronavirus, including the cannabis industry. In order to combat the spread of the disease, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (the “MED”) announced that it will be closing its office to the public until April 18. Even though the MED will be closing its offices to the public, it will continue business operations and services. Because the MED is

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USDA gives reprieve on hemp lab test rule

Hemp growers get a reprieve on one unpopular aspect of the new interim USDA hemp program. But beware – it’s just for one year only. When the new interim USDA hemp rules were introduced last year, one key aspect of the program was that hemp crops had to be tested on THC requirements only at U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration labs. Aside from the unilateral nature of that mandate, it prompted

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New Colorado Law Tackles Employee Equity, Investment in Startup Cannabis Industry

By Don Jergler The startup-laden cannabis industry is probably just right for those who are willing to forego a few extra dollars on their paychecks for the possibility of a bigger payout later when the company grows or goes public. Fortis Attorney Chris Lamb provides insight for Insurance Journal into the changing cannabis industry. To read more from this article, please follow the link located here.

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