Don’t Despair: State-legal Marijuana Businesses Can Find Relief in the American Rescue Plan Act

With every tax return sent to the IRS, owners of cannabis businesses find themselves angrier and more disappointed with the United States Tax Code (Tax Code) and the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). This frustration stems from a simple, small provision in Section 280E of the IRC: cannabis businesses may not claim any business expense deductions under the Tax Code, resulting in effective tax rates of 80% or higher for many

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Act Now to Obtain Round 2 Paycheck Protection Program Funding

On Jan. 11, 2021 The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) reopened the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan portal. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) now allows certain eligible borrowers that previously received a First Draw PPP Loan to apply for a Second Draw PPP Loan with the same general loan terms. Second Draw Loans can only be made to borrowers who took First Draw Loans, have or will have used all

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Mergers & Acquisitions in COVID-19: How companies can foresee uncertainty in deal-making during the pandemic

By Andrew Neiman Having impacted nearly every area of the world economy, it’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has had severe effects on Mergers & Acquisitions (“M&A”) activity and deal-making. When approaching a potential new M&A transaction in the face of the volatility and unpredictability created by COVID-19, negotiators should consider a range of topics in order to determine how to best protect their interests while still making the

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How Creditors Can Recover Debt During the COVID Pandemic: Advice for Businesses

By Andrew Neiman The COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses hard as forced closures of non-essential businesses, mass layoffs, stay-at-home orders and social distancing have caused an unprecedented economic slowdown across the country. A looming issue for businesses is collecting business debts during the pandemic. Specifically, the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic means that many debtors lack the cash to pay their debts on time or they may not

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Families First Coronavirus Response Act – What Employers Need to Know

By Liz Hartsel On August 3, 2020, a federal court in New York ruled that the Department of Labor (DOL) had exceeded its authority in creating a rule limiting eligibility for paid coronavirus leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). The FFCRA requires employers with fewer than 500 employees to provide workers with short-term paid sick time for specified reasons related to COVID-19. The DOL’s rule was meant

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State-Mandated Mask Requirements and ADA Compliance

In the wake of Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ announcement of a statewide mask requirement for indoor spaces, businesses can have confidence in the legality of their decision to require customers and employees to cover their faces as a preventative measure to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, Colorado businesses that are places of public accommodation (such as retail stores) should still be conscious of the need to abide by Title

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Idaho Begins Issuing “Return to Work” Bonuses

By Leni Plimpton On June 17, 2020, Idaho’s governor, Brad Little, ordered that $100 million of the $1.25 billion given to Idaho by Congress via the CARES act’s Coronavirus Relief Fund will be used as a “bonus” for Idaho workers who applied for unemployment during COVID-19 and who have now gone back to work instead of receiving unemployment benefits. The Governor explained that the purpose of the bonus was to

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Reconciling the Collecting and Keeping of Employees Health Data during the COVID-19 Pandemic with Colorado’s Consumer Data Privacy Protections

By Andrew Neiman In accordance with public health guidance, employers across Colorado are adopting various workplace data-gathering and record-keeping scenarios involving millions of employees, all taking place under the enormous stress and fear of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many of these actions involve data which employers have never collected prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, employers must examine their data privacy practices to ensure they comply with the Colorado Protections for Consumer Data Privacy

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COVID-19 & The Cannabis Industry: Ten Industry Leaders Share How Their Companies are Dealing With The Crisis

Over the last several weeks, CBE Press LLC (CBE) has been conducting research to learn from industry leadership how the COVID-19 Crisis is effecting their businesses and to learn how they are making adjustments to weather the short term storm while positioning their companies for the long-term until a vaccine is available to protect lives worldwide. In addition to the survey CBE is currently fielding with our research partner, High

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Estate Planning Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

COVID-19 The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought the wellbeing of ourselves and our families into a sharper focus, highlighting the importance of planning for the unexpected. Although it may seem as though circumstances are spinning beyond our control, we are not powerless. A concrete step you can take to ensure the welfare of your family is to pull out your estate planning documents and take a close look to verify

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