The Post-COVID Trademark Landscape: USPTO Backlog and Approaching Fee Increases Drive Urgency for Applicants

The Post-COVID Trademark Landscape: USPTO Backlog and Approaching Fee Increases Drive Urgency for Applicants

By Andrew Comer The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) experienced significant backup and processing delays during the COVID-19 pandemic. While delays have eased, they still haven’t gone away, due in part to the doubling of applications between 2020 and 2022. Overall, the trademark registration process has become notably more challenging in recent years, but there are ways to ease the burden.  Number of Applications Continues to Rise While

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Prepare Now for Delays in Trademark Application Review and Processing

Fortis clients should be aware that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) received a record-high number of trademark application submissions in 2022. Unfortunately, the USPTO is also experiencing a shortage of staff to process and review submissions.  As a result, processing times are delayed, and applications are taking significantly longer than usual, up to twice as long as they did in 2020.  Current expected wait times are as follows:

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How to Register a Trademark and Why It’s So Important

By Andrew Comer The entrepreneurs I work with are understandably focused on growing their businesses and not nearly as interested in legal considerations. However, when I tell a business owner that they could be risking their brand ideas, investor dollars, or even the future sale of their business by not protecting the key identifiers of their company, it resonates. Everyone wants to protect their brand. Registering trademarks can be one

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Managing Your Startup’s Legal Spend: Focus on What’s Most Important

By Andrew Comer Most companies will need to hire a lawyer at some point as their business grows, but the price tag often prompts entrepreneurs to risk doing without legal counsel when they need it. Regardless of the size of your business, watching the bottom line is always a priority, and figuring out how to budget your legal spend is a common dilemma. There are times when hiring a lawyer

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Fortis Law Partners Expands Trademark Practice

Fortis Law Partners, a leading Denver-based law firm that specializes in legal needs for every stage of corporate growth, has expanded its trademark practice. Andrew Comer heads the division. Under Fortis’ Trademark Practice, services include Intellectual Property (IP) strategy; Trademark registrations and related filings; Trademark defense procedures; post-registration strategy; litigation for Trademark disputes; and other brand protection offerings. “Startups are so caught up in getting the business up and running

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Wondering how to protect your Cannabis Brand’s Trademarks and Registrations?

Cannabis entrepreneurs have developed unique and valuable product ideas, from formulations and recipes to devices such as vaporizers. But can these original ideas be legally protected since cannabis is federally illegal? We can learn a lot from the process unfolding after passage of the Farm Bill, which caused a seismic shift in IP protection. In this session, Andrew Comer will discuss what you can and cannot do legally to protect

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