Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division and Excise & Licenses Closures

All aspects of our economy are currently feeling the fallout from the coronavirus, including the cannabis industry. In order to combat the spread of the disease, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (the “MED”) announced that it will be closing its office to the public until April 18. Even though the MED will be closing its offices to the public, it will continue business operations and services. Because the MED is continuing business operations and services, it is imperative that businesses keep up with ongoing licensing matters. For example, businesses should keep up with license renewals and owner badge renewals.  Many of these renewals and licensing matters can be handled by sending documents in the mail to the MED.

The MED put out guidance on these updated operational items. This information can be accessed here.

A message from Jim Burack, the Division Director, can be accessed here.

In addition, here in Denver, the Department of Excise & Licenses is indefinitely restricting in-person licensing appointments. If you need to meet in-person with a representative, you can visit the Department’s website to obtain more information here.


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