Employment Law 101: What You Should Know to Protect Your Business

By Liz Hartsel

Owning a business comes with many responsibilities, and when entrepreneurs reach the point where they need to hire employees, a whole new set of obligations arise. Unfortunately, many business owners find themselves woefully underprepared in this arena–and through no fault of their own! After all, they’re focusing on selling innovative products and services, not dealing with the nitty-gritty details of being an HR manager and creating formal employment policies. 

But without crucial guardrails, major complications can erupt and lead to a host of risks, ranging from an uncomfortable or hostile work environment to potential employee lawsuits or even government penalties. That’s why it’s so essential for every business owner with employees to take four key proactive steps. 

In a byline featured on HR.com, Fortis partner Liz Hartsel outlines the top legal elements every entrepreneur needs in their proverbial back pocket to help protect their company and avoid potentially costly litigation. 
Getting the right pieces of the employment law puzzle in place provides peace of mind for business owners and helps create a positive workplace culture that will attract top talent. Click here to read Liz’s advice.


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