Essential 2022 Employee Handbook Updates

By Elizabeth (Liz) Hartsel 

Employment attorneys are regularly asked to review and update their client’s employee handbooks and for good reason! Employee handbooks should not be a case of “set it and forget it.” Instead, they require annual adjustments to reflect changes to corporate policies or local, state or federal laws and regulations.

Don’t have an employee handbook and don’t think you need one? Better rethink that – employee handbooks provide important legal guardrails for employees and employers. They not only formalize guidelines, expectations and terms and conditions of employment, but more importantly, they can also help provide a layer of protection against employee claims and lawsuits.

In a piece published in Forbes, Partner Liz Harstel shares the most essential topics to include in every employee handbook, plus a list of timely employee handbook updates that she’s advising all of her clients to address this year.


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