Colorado’s FAMLI Law: A Complete Employer Guide & Answers to FAQs

In November 2020, Colorado became the first state to pass a paid family and medical leave law by popular vote, joining a wave of similar laws since enacted in several other states. The law will allow Colorado employees to access paid time off, which can be used to recuperate from a medical condition,  childbirth, or care for a sick family member. The Fortis employment law team has received many questions

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Attention Employers! Colorado’s FAMLI Grace Period is Ending

By Leni Plimpton  As most Colorado employers should know, and as was noted in an earlier blog post, Colorado’s Family and Medical Leave Insurance (“FAMLI”) law requires payroll withholdings. Those withholdings should have started on January 1, 2023.  Employers with more than nine employees must pay .45% of the employee’s wage, and the employee must pay .45% as well (for smaller employers, the employer contribution is not required). The premium

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