What To Do When Your Business Gets Sued

By Michael Annerino Litigation can be a stressful experience for a business owner. In some cases, the attorney fees and damages a small business must pay during litigation can jeopardize the business’s future. With so much on the line, figuring out where to start can be daunting. However, understanding the right steps can help protect your business, mitigate potential damages, and minimize attorney fees. 1.       Contact an Experienced Attorney

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Should Your Contract Include an Arbitration Clause Exploring the Advantages of Arbitration

Should Your Contract Include an Arbitration Clause? Exploring the Advantages of Arbitration

By Michael Annerino Arbitration clauses, often tucked away in the fine print of contracts, are powerful tools for resolving disputes efficiently and fairly. While they may not be as glamorous as other contract terms, they offer a number of advantages. Here are three reasons to consider including an arbitration clause: 1.       Control Over the Process One of the primary advantages of arbitration clauses is that they allow the parties

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Business Litigation on Contingency

By David Olsky Complex commercial litigation cases may not be the most common type of contingency cases, but they can be successful. Significant monetary damages can be won for people or companies who are facing unfair or challenging business situations but without the financial means to cover the upfront costs. There are attorneys willing to take on the challenge—if certain parameters can be met. So how do you know if

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