Why Delaying Equity Grants Can Lead to Enormous Tax Complications and Consequences

By Brian Barrett Companies often promise service providers equity, both as compensation for past services and as an incentive to remain with the company. However, it is not uncommon for this promise to fall by the wayside and go unfulfilled. As Business owners focus on running their company and growing the business, they sometimes neglect to track equity grants made under complex equity incentive plans and in conjunction with a

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Avoid Founder Equity Missteps That Can Cause Long-Term Headaches

By Dustin Rickett For many new businesses, startups especially, equity grants are often the primary method of compensating founders for their hard work building a business in its earliest stages. Given the importance of these grants, it is paramount that founders ensure they comply with applicable corporate, securities, tax and other laws to avoid headaches that may not surface until far later in the company’s development. Below are a few

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