Do your current legal solutions really fit your business? ​

Legal counsel should not be one size fits all.

Appropriate legal advice is not one-size-fits all. And it’s not something you can download from a website. It is exceedingly more affordable to appropriately set up business partnerships and commercial dealings on the front end when things are going well and everyone is getting along than it is to try to get the toothpaste back in the tube after something goes wrong.

At Fortis, our mission is to help entrepreneurs build and strengthen their businesses. We aim to be Problem Solvers, and we do this by providing solutions to some of the most challenging business issues.

And that’s where the advantages of our expertise and size are the most evident. Our attorneys bring big firm expertise to a focused and personal setting, which allows us to work closely with clients to meet their individual needs — and to do so proactively before large, expensive problems develop.

Are important details being glossed over in order to fit a templated solution?

Fortis understands that every business enterprise is unique. Our attorneys don’t use a one-size-fits-all legal strategy in the courtroom. Nor would we do the same in developing business strategies for our many clients in diverse markets, including today’s highly complex and legally challenging cannabis and hemp marketplace.

It cannot be stressed enough: We are not just a smaller version of a typical large law firm. We are a team of seasoned attorneys — backed by decades of collective legal experience — who adopt a flexible and entrepreneurial stance on our personalized efforts for all of our clients.

Do balls get dropped if you don’t oversee the process?

At Fortis, our work is dedicated to solving corporate, employment and litigation issues. In all of these pursuits, Fortis attorneys know from experience the myriad steps needed to accomplish pressing legal goals.

As such, we oversee all the legal and regulatory details that ultimately can mean the difference between negligible business costs and potentially devastating financial losses. Simply put: Our expertise saves money, time and effort.

What do you do particularly well, better, or more efficiently than your competitors?

For all its clients, Fortis provides the same quality of legal guidance offered by any of the larger firms, and it does so at a fraction of the cost. And all of our clients — no matter their size or relationship with our firm — enjoy the same hands-on guidance and attention, from Fortune 500 darlings to fledgling cannabis start-ups.

Do you feel like you’re the only strategic thinker in the transaction?

At Fortis, we understand the language of entrepreneurship and the unique challenges inherent in its undertaking. In fact, many of us have launched businesses and been through business life cycles.. As such, we are well-positioned to lead on all the strategic efforts your company needs to better position itself for future success.

Do the mistakes of others cost you time and money?

As a business owner, you understand this fundamental business truth regarding legal agreements and contracts and more: You can pay to do things right in the beginning or you can pay more — and often MUCH MORE — to fix things later. This line of thinking guides much of how we approach our work at Fortis.

But we also understand that many today might find themselves trying to recover from ill-advised legal counsel of the past. And in this, our attorneys stand ready to help, expertly aware of what’s needed to repair past legal missteps.

Does trust seem to take a backseat in your transactions?

As a business owner, do you completely understand and trust the legal and regulatory responses made by your company? Do you trust that the advice you receive is the best for your particular circumstance and focus?

It can be daunting, we know. Yet our track record of guiding our clients in the many business details they face bears this out, showing how our efforts have helped many, especially in the new and fast-changing industry of cannabis.

Are you overpaying for mediocre solutions?

Look, we know that anyone — especially in this day and age — can go online and find seemingly inexpensive options for an array of legal matters. Templated forms and documents promise easy results. And adding to this problem is that many law firms even promise similar inexpensive alternatives, too.

But, as a business owner or leader, you know that consistent, proven quality means much more than the cheap promises of fast results and inexpensive propositions. And that’s what sets us apart from so many in this arena today.

At Fortis, we work closely alongside companies and individuals to provide the needed business and legal counsel necessary for business and financial success.

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