Compliance Programs and Internal Investigations

Compliance programs and internal investigations have become an essential part of good governance for companies both large and small.  On behalf of its clients, Fortis has conducted investigations and compliance audits that resulted in identification and remediation of significant regulatory liabilities, and negotiated the resolution of regulatory and private action complaints to enable the firm’s clients to resume their businesses, mitigate and prevent future liabilities, and accomplish their larger goals.

We strive to conduct our investigations in a manner that both meets our clients’ objectives and is cost-effective.  As a boutique firm, we have the capacity to investigate allegations quickly, discreetly, and with minimum disruption, and to report our findings in a rigorous and reliable manner. Our diverse backgrounds allow for us to help clients with many different problems across various industries.  Consistent with our overall philosophy of providing legal services, we staff our investigations based on the client’s needs and with an eye towards containing costs by assigning lawyers whose experience and skill level are commensurate with the tasks that the investigation demands.

We help clients determine potential exposure, reduce costs and collateral damage, retain customers, restore investor confidence, avoid or limit sanctions by government agencies, and achieve an acceptable end to the investigation so that business can return to normal as soon as possible.  We also help clients implement compliance programs to try to prevent problems from arising in the first place.