Fortis Law Partners launches General Counsel for Growth legal subscription plan

Fixed fee service helps companies avoid unpleasant budget surprises 

DENVER (February 10, 2021)Fortis Law Partners now offers subscription-model general counsel services to help businesses manage or supplement their legal needs. The General Counsel for Growth plan is offered at a flat monthly rate and provides client subscribers with a set number of hours of annual legal counsel to be flexibly used throughout the year on an as-needed basis.

“During my years of working with clients of all sizes, I’ve seen that there are times when businesses require more legal support and times when their needs are fewer,” said Fortis co-founder and attorney Julie Herzog. “That type of unpredictability can be a challenge. Companies with smaller or fixed budgets have a hard time accommodating wildly varying legal bills, while others who don’t have in-house counsel find themselves scrambling to retain an attorney when an urgent matter arises, then spending precious time bringing them up to speed. We want to help clients take the uncertainty out of their legal bills while also ensuring they still have expert counsel available whenever they need it.”

At the start of the process, Fortis will take time to get to know the client and their business, reviewing their current and historical legal needs and discussing those that may arise in the future. Both parties will then work together to curate the appropriate tier of service. Subscribers have access to Fortis’ attorneys, whose expertise spans a variety of practice areas. Throughout the year, clients can draw from their annual bank of hours as desired, expanding and contracting their level of support to meet the demands of their business, secure in the knowledge that they will be billed at a mutually agreed upon and set monthly price.

To learn more about Fortis’ General Counsel for Growth service or to schedule an interview with Herzog, please contact Shawna Seldon McGregor at 917-971-7852 or

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