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Fortis General Counsel for Growth Subscription

Fixed Fee Fractional Legal Expertise

There are many reasons why businesses of any size might opt to utilize subscription-model fractional general counsel services to help manage or supplement their legal needs, including:

Your start-up or small business is ready to scale up, but uninterested in committing to the overhead of a full-time, in-house legal hire.

  • You have urgent legal concerns that require expert ad-hoc counsel.

  • You are preparing for a complex transaction such as a merger, acquisition, round of fundraising or an IPO.

  • You require legal expertise in a specific area to supplement your in-house general counsel.

  • You have unpredictable legal needs.

  • You often require an outside attorney to negotiate, draft, and review business documents, contracts and agreements.

  • You could use help putting proper legal protocols in place to ensure your business is protected from unnecessary risks.

  • At times, your in-house legal staff is busy or overwhelmed with existing work but not regularly enough to justify hiring a new, full-time employee.

Through our General Counsel for Growth monthly subscription plan, Fortis can provide prompt management of any of the above issues, plus many more. Our team has extensive experience across a broad range of industries and practice areas and is well-prepared to offer informed, collaborative counsel when you need it, in a manner that supports and protects your business goals.

Why Use a Subscription Model?

There are always times when businesses require more legal support and times when needs are fewer. The Fortis General Counsel for Growth model provides you with a set number of hours of legal counsel to be flexibly used as you see fit throughout the year. This takes the uncertainty out of your legal budget, and allows you to expand and contract to meet the demands of your business.  

The end result? No more worrying about how to budget for legal bills that can vary wildly from month to month, scrambling to find legal assistance when you urgently need it, or spending precious time getting a new attorney up to speed for each individual assignment. Instead, you will have expert counsel at your fingertips, ready to knowledgeably step in at any time.

Getting Started

For new clients, we’ll begin by taking some time to get to know you and your business. For both existing and new clients, we’ll then review your current and historical legal needs and discuss those that may arise in the future. From there, we’ll work together to curate the tier of service that is right for you.


We can provide assistance with specific items like:

  • Legal policy formation, maintenance and compliance

  • Corporate structuring and entity formation 

  • Debt and equity financing

  • Trademark registration and defense, copyrights, licensing, and other intellectual property concerns

  • Website terms of use, privacy policies and data protection

  • Vendor, customer, and business partner contracts

  • Mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, and joint ventures

  • Equity incentive plans, phantom equity plans, and other bonus arrangements

  • Non-compete, trade secret, and unfair competition matters

  • Employment law, including compliance programs, discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment claims, family and medical leave, disability accommodations, and wage and hour disputes

  • Creation of employee agreements, policies, and handbooks

  • Regulatory compliance, SEC filings, securities issuances and repurchases, board and corporate governance, financial restatements and going private transactions.

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