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Hemp & CBD Risk Assessment Services

The Problem: How to Navigate the Complicated Legalities of the Hemp and CBD Markets


As federal restrictions on the production and sale of hemp and CBD have eased, a wide range of hemp and CBD foods, dietary supplements, smokable products and cosmetics are now sold around the country. However, each state has its own standards related to the specific products they prohibit or allow sales of and a complex patchwork of statutes, bills, and agencies regulating the manufacturing, labeling, testing, and sales of hemp and CBD goods. In addition, because marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug under the Federal Controlled Substances Act, state cannabis law is frequently in conflict with federal law.

As a result, manufacturers and distributors in this industry face unique risks and often find the legal and regulatory sands unexpectedly shifting beneath their feet. It takes time, effort, and expertise to stay up-to-date on and compliant with numerous federal and state requirements and evaluate the legal viability of expanding into new states. 

The Solution: Customized State-by-State Hemp and CBD Risk Assessments

Fortis has been at the forefront of the legal cannabis, hemp and CBD industries since the beginning. Our cannabis practice is one of the most sophisticated and experienced in the country, and we are steeped in the day-to-day challenges that companies in this field face.

We now offer a Hemp and CBD Risk Assessment Service to make it easier for hemp and CBD companies to stay abreast of current requirements. This guidance can help businesses minimize their legal exposure, reduce inadvertent violations and avoid costly fines and penalties.

Fortis attorneys continuously monitor for new developments, and our service provides subscribers with three up-to-date and easy-to-use options that track the hemp and CBD legal landscape.

Risk Assessment I is a list of states by their status under the 2018 Farm Bill. This table will be most useful to clients who need absolute adherence to the letter of federal law; only hemp produced under a USDA-approved state plan or a USDA license is legal for commercial sale.

One-time purchase cost: $1,500

Risk Assessment II outlines CBD products that are legal under each state’s laws. It covers the categories of oil, food, dietary supplements, and cosmetics, as well as any retail license requirements and additional state-specific notes from our attorneys.

One-time purchase cost: $1,500

Risk Assessment III provides a comprehensive list of all labeling requirements and advertising restrictions under each state’s laws, as well as all of the information contained in Risk Assessment II.

One-time purchase cost: $1,500

Hemp and CBD Risk Assessment Service Fee Structure

All three tables can be bundled and purchased for a one-time cost of $3,500, or clients can subscribe to monthly monitoring at a reduced rate depending on term length and receive all three tables each month for the following fee structure:

  • Three-month subscription: $9,000

  • Six-month subscription: $15,000

  • One year subscription: $25,000

We look forward to making it more simple and straightforward to analyze the risks and rewards of the complex U.S. hemp and CBD market.

To purchase our Risk Assessment Service or speak to an attorney in our cannabis practice, please submit the following information:

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