The burgeoning cannabis industry has gained significant traction across the United States within the past few years.  Businesses in the cannabis industry constantly face new and myriad business challenges, including ever-changing and complex regulations, employment concerns, and litigation.  

Based in Denver, Fortis has been at the forefront of this budding industry since the beginning.

With a deep network of clients and partners throughout the United States, as well as in the industry currently taking shape in Canada, our cannabis practice is one of the most sophisticated and experienced in the country.  Our cannabis attorneys are frequent speakers on industry issues and, as part of the Cannabis Committee for the American Herbal Products Association, we even help drive policy.

Our clients range from those directly involved in the cannabis industry, to businesses affiliated with the cannabis industry and investors that support the operations, infrastructure and services for producers and sellers. 
We also provide services to companies in the legal marijuana, industrial hemp, and cannabinoid industries. 

Fortis’ team helps clients with an expansive range of cannabis-related corporate affairs, including:

  • Serving as outside general counsel for more than a dozen cannabis businesses
  • Business formation and corporate structuring
  • Funding for technology and growth
  • Acquisitions and major transactions
  • Tax-related issues
  • Real estate matters, such as commercial leasing and purchases
  • Litigation

Fortis has established our prominent reputation in the cannabis industry by being a reliable partner that clients can count on to adeptly guide them through the rapidly changing cannabis landscape.  We’ve been there from the beginning for many of our clients, and we continue to help them succeed today. We look forward to partnering with others in the industry who are looking for a higher level of legal representation. 

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