Cryptocurrency, the Metaverse and NFTs​

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are here to stay. But like any new industry, they come with a unique new universe of legal concerns and challenges that those building or using them will need specialized legal counsel to navigate. No company wants to spend a significant amount of time and money investing in new technologies only to have an unanticipated legal issue or regulatory violation compromise the ownership of their work or wreak financial havoc. 

Fortis Law Partners is here to assist companies of all sizes—from sole proprietors to startups to established businesses—who work with cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, the metaverse, or NFTs. We can help with matters ranging from intellectual property and data privacy protection concerns to securities, licensing, ownership, agreements, and copyright issues, among other things. 

These emerging technologies are rapidly evolving, which means the laws and regulations will also face constant changes. Eliminate the guesswork and ensure that your business stays protected with expert legal counsel from the team at Fortis Law Partners. 

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