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  • Is an exit in your future?
  • Do you need to raise capital for growth?
  • Are you eyeing a potential acquisition? 

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How To Attract Investors & Command Top Dollar

Why Prepare Now?

These are complex business situations, and it’s never too early to begin laying the groundwork that will make the process seamless and successful. Doing so provides a vital head start on positioning your company and maximizing the terms of your deal.

Attract More Interest, Achieve Superior Valuation

A renovated and professionally staged home attracts more buyers, provokes competing bids and ultimately commands a higher sale price than one thrown on the market in rough shape as-is.

Similarly, when you can present buyers, sellers or potential investors with a thoroughly vetted, accurate, and turnkey package, you will be far more likely to receive more funding, obtain a higher valuation, draw additional market attention and experience a problem-free closing.

An Experienced Team That Can Put Together All the Pieces

Engaging an experienced partner to help you prepare for a merger, acquisition, or raising capital will simplify and, ultimately, save considerable time and expense. The Fortis Law Partners and Full Velocity Consulting teams have years of experience helping hundreds of clients prepare for and execute these matters.

Operating as two separate partner companies, Fortis and Full Velocity offer the unique capacity to provide clients with a full 360 degrees of legal, financial, operational and human resources expertise.

We will thoughtfully apply our disciplined, pressure-tested processes to your unique situation, guiding you through each step of the fundraising, due diligence, negotiation, signing, and/or closing stages. Working together, we can help you identify, understand and address:


Utilizing the combined resources and expertise of Fortis Law Partners and Full Velocity Consulting will simplify your M&A or fundraising process, protect your interests, drive up your company’s value, and ensure that your transaction is as straightforward and successful as possible.

Fortis & FVC Can Help You Check All the Boxes


It’s Never Too Early For Business Exit Planning

This panel of experts and business owners, including Fortis co-founder Julie Herzog, discusses what you need to know about business exit planning — mergers, acquisition or succession and why it’s never too soon to lay the groundwork for a seamless and profitable exit.

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