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Cannabis Attorneys in Colorado

Colorado Cannabis Lawyers: Our Cannabis Related Services

At Fortis Law Partners, we regularly leverage our broad legal expertise for the benefit of clients in the cannabis industry.  Our cannabis attorneys in Colorado understand the complexities of today’s evolving regulatory requirements for cannabis, allowing us to deftly advise anyone considering entry into this marketplace.

Our cannabis lawyers in Colorado serve as outside general counsel for more than a dozen cannabis businesses and individuals at every level of the supply chain.


Our Colorado cannabis attorneys are known for their comprehensive, hands-on experience in this growing industry, and they frequently chart today’s public discourse on the legalities of cannabis through public lectures, published articles and informed media commentary.

Our associated company Full Velocity Consulting also advises participants in today’s cannabis space, providing strategic consulting, CFO services, accounting services and regulatory compliance advice.

Business Formation by Cannabis Lawyers

The seasoned professionals who are part of the team at Fortis Law Partners understand in depth the vast legal and regulatory complexities that can affect new companies entering today’s cannabis industry. Our attorneys have years of practical experience in helping launch new cannabis ventures in hemp, marijuana and CBD, and we advise clients in both medical and recreational marketplaces.

Business Licensing by our Cannabis Attorneys

Cannabis is one of the most highly regulated emerging industries today, and licensing obligations can be overwhelming at times. Fortis Law Partners understand the changing dynamics of licensing needs, as well as the legal and regulatory differences between different states and municipalities. In addition to facilitating the many permits needed for cannabis operations, our services include DBA filing, handling sales-tax permits, and helping companies form themselves into corporations or LLCs or other business entities.

Employment Matters

How businesses use their human capital can have just as much effect on a company’s long-term success as financial capital. Fortis Law Partners understands the importance of resolving employment issues quickly before they escalate, and our expert team of professionals can assist companies grappling with staffing matters such as employee discrimination allegations, overtime compensation, employee contracts, and protective leave rules, such as the FMLA.

Commercial Litigation

Business disputes are not uncommon, especially in today’s crowded cannabis industry, and commercial litigation efforts address a range of legal problems faced by companies. Some of these include breach of contract, business torts, partnership disputes, class-action suits, civil litigation, breach of fiduciary duty, security fraud and shareholder issues. Fortis Law Partners have years of experience in dealing with these kinds of litigation topics and more between companies and other businesses and companies and government agencies.

Negotiating & Documenting Investments

The absence of the right documentation can doom any investment or, at the very least, delay a company’s investing plans. At Fortis Law Partners, our legal team is adroit in creating and filing a range of critical investing documents, including term sheets, stock-purchase agreements, investors’ rights agreements, business plans, promissory notes and more. And our team really stands out when it comes to helping companies negotiate these investments to best benefit their goals and timelines.

M&A Issuess

For many businesses, few events are more noteworthy than their involvement in any kind of M&A activity. And Fortis Law Partners Cannabis lawyers have a deep experience with, and understanding of this critical business step, one that can influence the trajectory of a company’s success for years to come. We work with clients to fully understand their business goals, which can have a profound effect on the ideal structure of any M&A plans companies might have. And we also help stakeholders by negotiating these deals and by bringing the mergers and acquisitions to completion.

Due Diligence Matters

Commercial transactions need to be studied thoroughly before they take place, of course, and Fortis Law Partners’ Cannabis attorneys are expertly qualified and experienced in helping companies and individuals perform the necessary tasks to best protect themselves and their companies during these kinds of transactions. Our team facilitates confidentiality agreements, reviews material contracts and conducts a range of investigations to reveal businesses ownership, outstanding debt, actual physical assets and other information not always readily apparent.

State & Federal Cannabis Tax Issues

Tax law is an evolving one, and Fortis Law Partners Cannabis attorneys have decades of experience in ensuring that companies of all kinds effectively address tax obligations, risks and advantages. This can be especially complicated in today’s cannabis space, too, where a host of conflicting state laws and federal mandates sometimes clash. Our legal team is thoroughly experienced in all manner of laws affecting businesses and the taxes they pay at all levels.

General Cannabis Business Counsel

Fortis Law Partner Cannabis lawyers can advise businesses on a range of issues affected by the legalities and the practicalities of their industries and governments. Our business and legal experts have decades of practical experience in successful business stewardship and can attend to all matters of business for companies of any size.

Corporate Governance

This concept is an important business framework that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. But its importance in balancing the company’s needs and goals with that of its many stakeholders (including customers and vendors) can’t be dismissed, especially because corporate governance guards against mismanagement. Fortis Law Partners attorneys know how to deftly navigate these relationships and best protect companies and their brand reputations.

Intellectual Property

Many companies fail to understand and capitalize on their intellectual property, which can range from a company’s name and services to its creative works and more. Fortis Law Partner attorneys are thoroughly experienced in employing effective strategies for copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and other forms of IP protection at both state and federal levels.

International Import/Export Counsel

Importing and exporting hemp products or hemp-derived cannabinoids involves a complex web of procedures and documentation, as well as considerable expertise in U.S. Customs protocols. It is unusual for a boutique law firm to be able to offer clients the level of expertise that Fortis supplies in this area. We provide clients valuable and detailed counsel about whether or not imports and exports of various hemp or hemp-derived products are allowed in certain countries, as well as guidance on all the steps of the exportation and importation process, and practical advice such as which ports are better than others and why.

Our Cannabis Clients

Our clients include state-licensed adult-use marijuana interests and those involved in sanctioned medical marijuana programs from grow facilities to dispensaries. Our Cannabis Attorneys in Colorado also represent an array of hemp stakeholders and CBD companies, including cultivators, processors, manufacturers, distributors and retail sales. We provide legal and practical guidance for the many vendors that supply this emergent business space with raw materials, consumer products, technology, advertising, social media and security.

Equally important in today’s competitive cannabis marketplace, we also represent the people and groups that invest in these businesses, from individual investors to private-equity and venture-capital fund managers.

Our Cannabis Clients Include:

Alchemy Group LTD.

Botanical CBD

Cannotech LLC

CBD Universe

CERIA Brewing


ECS Brands

Fire Squad Farms

Fresh Bros

Global Cannabinoids

Good Meds

Higher Ground Dispensary



L’eela CBD Bodycare

Merkabah Labs

MJ Arsenal and Mother & Clone

Pound Hemp Co. LLC

Tellus Core

...and more!

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