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Whether you run a construction company, invest in the construction industry, or are partnering with a construction-related business, Fortis Law Partners’ expertise can help protect your interests and grow your business. We can review short and long-term business objectives to assist in identifying legal weak spots or areas of opportunity, prepare and review contracts, advise on available courses of action at any point pre-, mid- or post-project, negotiate settlements, resolve disputes and contest claims and cases.    

Fortis regularly provides our residential and commercial construction industry clients with support on a wide variety of routine and complex legal matters, including:

  • Preparation and review of contracts
  • Construction delays, interference or disruptions
  • Termination and default
  • Project delivery arrangements
  • Claims avoidance strategies
  • Mid-project claims
  • Contract disputes
  • Construction defect and warranty claims
  • Bid and/or award disputes
  • Insurance coverages, including Architects & Engineers (A/E) liability
  • Mechanics’ Liens and Miller Act Claims
  • Change orders and cost escalation issues

Construction Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

If litigation, arbitration or mediation arises, Fortis attorneys are well-equipped to handle those proceedings as well. Our experience and attention to detail enable us to focus on one goal: zealously representing our clients’ best interests. 

We litigate “bet the company” cases frequently and are very sensitive to their impact on our clients’ businesses. We have also successfully litigated against state and federal agencies and law firms many times our size. Our comprehensive litigation experience also means that we are well-positioned to help our clients anticipate future problems, address them on the front-end, and avoid the possibility of potential litigation altogether.

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