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Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG)

ESG reporting is not new. What is changing, though, is the level of domestic and international urgency around the need to address and slow climate change. In addition, the SEC is preparing to ratchet up its scrutiny of public companies and other entities that must now report measurable, accurate results or face serious penalties, fines and even potential shareholder litigation. As a result, companies are confronting a wide variety of legal and reputational risks associated with a lack of ESG reporting.

At Fortis, we are uniquely positioned to help clients in all industries and of all sizes prepare for and navigate ESG reporting and SEC compliance. We can advise on the full spectrum of reporting obligations and due diligence requirements and offer counsel on protecting against violations that could cause significant reputational and financial damage to a company. 

Our ESG capabilities are led by attorney Roxane Peyser, who has extensive experience in this field, including producing award-winning ESG reports for major companies such as Coca-Cola, preparing the first-ever CSR Report for Delta Air Lines, developing ESG plans for Lockheed Martin, advising Estee Lauder and more. 

Many companies are now taking important steps towards increased environmental and social responsibility, and Fortis is committed to helping our clients comply with a rapidly evolving reporting and regulatory landscape.

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