Taxes are confusing: we get it. Our experienced tax practice group understands the nuance required when sifting through various and complicated tax matters and has the expertise to solve an extensive range of corporate and individual/investor taxation issues as well as the precise, detailed rules that apply to partnerships and S corporations and to business transactions in general. We focus on delivering clear counsel to your business strategies and operations, as well as helping you minimize the federal, state, and local taxes associated with individual transactions.  Recognizing that taxes impact every aspect of your business, we provide strategic tax-planning and problem-solving advice that takes all aspects into account, including financing, accounting, cash needs, exit strategies and succession planning.  Our attorneys dedicate themselves to understanding the challenges that inevitably arise when working on taxation matters while remaining cognizant of the financial needs of our clients. We work with each of our clients to not only provide affordable prices, but achieve efficient and responsive counsel for both parties.


We advise our clients on a broad assortment of general business and transactional tax matters, including:

  • Structuring New Businesses
  • Buying, Selling and Reorganizing Existing Businesses
  • Executive Compensation, Incentive Equity and Other Deferred Compensation Arrangements
  • Structuring and Restructuring of Debt and Other Forms of Financing
  • Real Estate Transactions, including Tax-Free Exchanges
  • Payment Structures Under Various Contracts, Agreements and Settlement Arrangements
  • Tax Controversy and IRS Disputes
  • In-State and Local State

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